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TEASE Agency was established about 20 Years Ago, but we have been in the business for much longer than that. The TEASE team are dedicated to making erotic entertainment fun, safe and professional.

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• In the last decade we have perfected the art of supplying erotic and other entertainers to a wide spectrum of events and locations - and we have left a lot of smiles on a lot of faces! We plan on continuing the TEASE tradition into the unforeseeable future and we greatly appreciate the support of those who have stood by us all these years.


In Loving Memory of Janice and John:

We would like to keep in our memories and hearts Janice O´Halloran and John O´Toole. Janice, who passed away in August, 2009, was one of the two original founders of TEASE Agency. We will never forget her kindness, her humour, her friendship, and the hard work she put into making the agency a success. Girls and customers alike were loyal to Janice. She is remembered kindly - and greatly missed by all.

Rest in Peace, Janice. And John, too, who died some four months after her.

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