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Catering to adult audiences, TEASE Agency offers a large number of services to our customers. If you are interested in any of the services listed below, you can call us for more information and/or a quote on: 07813 657612.


Strip o Grams uk servicesStrip-o-grams are always a great laugh! If a friend is having a birthday, why not make the day that bit more special by booking an erotic girl or guy for the embarrassing stitch up moment to end all??

Strip-o-grams are not, however, limited to birthdays. Try divorce parties, leaving do´s, or welcome home events. Any excuse for a celebration can be a good reason to get things livened up with an erotic entertainer! You tell us the fantasy or comedy theme and we'll try to accommodate.

"Typical" ideas are:

  • Policeman/woman
  • Naughty Nurse
  • School girl
  • Whiplash
  • Others...
Our performers come to you. When you call for your quote, all you need to do is provide us with a phone number, a date, a time, your requirements, and an address. We´ll do the rest!

Stag Shows:

The traditional stag show celebrating a forthcoming wedding is a staple service provided by TEASE Agency.

Stag Show Uk Services in weddings etcThe content of such a show is of course more raunchy than can be seen at a public event and audience participation in games is often encouraged.

Typically, a stag show has a comedian acting as compere with 2 or 3 erotic dancers becoming increasing explicit as the night progresses.

Stag shows are still popular at wedding times, but we also have an increased demand for shows to celebrate other things, such as divorce, bithdays, etc. So for those who want a longer show than a strip-o-gram, a Stag Show might be the option for you.

Rugby and other clubs are also welcome to arrange stag nights for their members as a way of increasing revenue once, twice or more times a year.

*Remember, Stag Shows come in different flavours. You can ask that it be played up or down to suit the audience. Just let us know and we´ll get you the right performer for the job.

Hen Nights

As women rightly insist on equality of erotic entertainment, Hen nights have also becoming increasingly popular.

Hen Night Boys strippersWe can arrange parties for girls where one or more male strippers pump up the volume to an excited frenzy of female delight!

Aside from the traditional event marking forthcoming nuptials, sports clubs often host hen nights regularly for their female members. But it doesn't stop here, the gay community also enjoy what our male strippers have to offer!

Tell us what type of event you are contemplating and we will be happy to discuss how we can accommodate.

Mobile Lapdancing Marquee

Mobile lapdancing marqueeTease up your event with our Mobile Lap Dancing Club! Offering different size marquees complete with security and dj´s, our complete packages are especially tailored for your event. Contact us for more information!

Birthday Parties

Bithday Parties with StrippersThere is nothing better than stitching up your mates by sharing expenses with your friends and hiring a male or female stripper. This is yet another increasingly popular birthday present. Like with the rest of our services, we send our performers to the venue where the celebration is taking place. Just sit back and enjoy the entertainment!

Corporate Parties and Promotional Events

Promotional events and Corporate PartiesWe are happy to provide your corporate party or promotional event with our performers. Professionals at ice breaking, our entertainers know how to loosen up a crowd. So depending on your audience, let female strippers, male strippers, a comedian, or even a drag act add a dash of spice and/or humour to your corporate event.

Why not also use our entertainers to promote an event or a new product? Whatever the case may be, try us out for your corporate entertainment and promotional needs.

Cabaret Shows:

Cabaret ShowsA cabaret show arranged by TEASE need not be erotic, although you can count on most of them having some element of an adult theme.

Typically, a show might include a comedian, a drag artiste, a live music band and/or one or more male/female erotic dancers.

...Call us for a quote.

Security Management:

Security ManagementClubs and pubs need to ensure that the customers who come to their establishments are of a desireable nature - not the types of persons who can otherwise give a good establishment a bad reputation. Security is not, however, only in place to weed out customers. We also like to make sure that both our customers and performers are protected in whatever environment they find themselves whilst on our watch.

Through our experience, we have therefore created very strong ties to one particular firm that we know employs vetted staff of the highest quality who can perform the tasks of both barring undesirables yet with the minimum of disruption to an establishment's cordiality. As top priority, this firm also make sure our performers are kept safe, sound, and able to continue working in a professional, undisturbed manner.

Speak Easy Promotions - Fun Casinos:

Speak Easy Promotions - Fun Casinos
  • Your Casino will be professionally managed by Croupiers who have been organising events all around the world on luxury cruise liners.
  • Players will accumulate chips with a combination of skill and luck. the player with the most chips at the end of the evening will win a prize.
  • We will work with you to accommodate your event criteria and budget. You can recoup the cost of prizes and hire from fun money supplied by us and sold by you to your guests.
  • Donate the profit to your favourite charity or club fund. Lessons are available on all games featured.
  • Choose from American Roulette, black Jack, Craps (Dice), Caribbean Stud and Texas Holdem Poker. Fun Casinos add style and excitement to any event.
  • Single tables are available for house parties at smaller venues.

Telephone: 07783 109848

Tease Up your Pub

Strippers for pubs in ukWe wouldn´t want to say that we rescue pubs, but it just so happens that when many venues have found their customer numbers falling, our services have helped. By adding regular TEASE dancers to venues, customer numbers tend to double, if not triple, over time.

If you find that your pub needs a kind of ´face lift´and would like to give having erotic dancers at your venue a try, don´t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to build new working relationships with venue owners through supplying you with advice, support, and best of all, TEASE dancers. Not only that, through having TEASE dancers in your pub, you get your venue advertised on our site. So sit back and watch your customer numbers flourish!

TV and Cinema.

Film and Tv erotic dancersWe supply performers for TV and Cinema. A few of our dancers have already experienced being on TV Shows and or Film, and we´re happy to promote our dancers in doing more such work.

Photo or Video sessions

Photo Sessions eroticSome of our performers are available for modelling. Just tell us who you need and depending on dema

nd, we´ll be happy to accomodate.

Other Parties

Erotic PartiesWe can arrange many different types of parties for you. Just tell us what you need or what type of party you are having and we will not only give you suggestions on how to make it go well, we will match your event with the appropriate entertainment sure to make your night a successful one.

Please don't hesitate to contact us. If you don't see the service that you are looking for listed on this page, we can help you adapt one or more services to suit your needs.

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*Remember: TEASE Agency only supplies its services to adult audiences.

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